What is Studii?

Studii is a mobile app that matches students needing help in their studies with people who have subject expertise.

What’s the cost to use all features of the app?

Studii is a FREE app to use and download. Tutors are able to download the app and create their custom profiles to attract prospective students for tutoring sessions. All parties (Tutors & Students) are required to set up their in-app payment in order to transfer funds upon completion of tutor sessions.

Who should use Studii?

For anyone that needs help on learning a specific subject, there are many ways of finding a tutor today, but Studii helps you find the RIGHT tutor. By filtering exactly what you require based on a search algorithm, Studii helps to identify the tutor that is the most credible, fits your availability, specific subject area, price and location. We’ve eliminated the process of back and forth questions between tutors and students by presenting all the key information a student needs up front before they make their tutor request decision. Tutors are ranked based on a scale of 1-5 stars and are reviewed by students who they have tutored in the past, making it easy for prospective students to make a decision based on their credibility.

How do I become a tutor?

Anyone can become a tutor, it’s easy! Just create a profile and select “Become a tutor”. As a tutor, you will need to ensure that your education, experience availability and of course subject areas which you will tutor in are all completed so that students can search for you, based on your criteria entered in.

How do I get paid?

You setup your Stripe account  and enter your bank account information directly into the stripe and you will receive direct deposit for transactions. You retain 80% of each transaction.

Can I be a student and a tutor?

Yes! A student can also be a tutor. By filling out your profile and setting yourself up as a tutor with the required fields (Availability, Education, Experience and Subject Areas you teach in), you now will appear in search results based on your criteria entered. Alternatively you can also search for tutors and subjects just as any student would.

How do I pay for a tutor?

After completing the setup of your profile, you can enter your credit card information into the app, and your credit card will be automatically charged at the conclusion of each tutoring session. The bonus is that there is no awkwardness in dealing with cash or rates between each other.

Do I have to meet my tutor in-person, or can I be tutored online?

You do not have to meet in-person. You can setup an online meeting with your tutor based on the application preference of your choice (ie: Skype, Facetime, and Facebook Video Chat). Studii recommends never meeting at home, and always to be tutored in a public setting.



As a tutor, how do I add subjects that I can tutor in?

Inside your profile there is a tab called ‘Subjects’. Follow the detailed screen wizard and a subject will be added.

As a tutor, how do I add availability for my tutoring schedule?

Inside your profile there is a tab called ‘Availability’. Follow the detailed screen wizard and availability will be added.

How do I go on Vacation Mode as a tutor?

Going on vacation, or simply need a break from tutoring? No problem, it’s easy to adjust your availability as a tutor by simply removing your active availability as a tutor. By doing this, you will disappear from the search results, and won’t receive requests to be tutored during days you aren’t available.

Note: If you remove all of your availability. You will disappear from the search results.

I’m a tutor, and have setup my profile with education, subjects and availability. How can I attract students to choose me?

Promote yourself on by using the share button next to your add subjects.