How Technology Is Changing Private Tutoring

Traditional private tutoring calls to mind the image of a tutor and a student seated at a table, using only notebooks and textbooks.  Regardless of how amazing the tutor is, this manual process isn’t always the most inspiring.  However, with the major technological advancements of the last decade, the private tutoring industry is changing rapidly—for the better.


Video Chat

Thanks to video chat services like Skype, Google Hangouts, and even FaceTime, tutors can take on students from different cities, states, and even countries.  Digital long-distance connections have completely transformed the way students can access academic help.  Many of these services enable the tutor to send over documents, videos, and article links that make the lessons interactive.  


Tutoring Apps

We organize and access many aspects of our lives through digital apps.  Now, tutoring is no different.  Take Studii, for instance.  Studii is a platform that allows students to find tutors based on location, ratings, price, availability, and subject matter.  And tutors can use the platform to manage their workload and business.  It provides an easy way for students and tutors to connect and maintain an ongoing relationship.  


Online Presentations

The days of depending on PowerPoint are over.  Online platforms like Animoto allow tutors to build compelling presentations that combine video, music, and photos.  These sites are user-friendly.  Even if you aren’t a tech genius, you can still pull together a sleek and effective set of slides that aids your tutoring efforts.  And better yet, these sites are more accessible than pricey computer software.


Technology has enhanced the private tutoring industry by making it easier for tutors and students to find one another and communicate with ease once they’re connected.

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