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Why use a tutor who's never taken your course? Use Studii to find a nearby tutor on your campus who has in-depth knowledge of the exact course you're taking. Run through past exams, assignments and your professor's tricks and learn from someone with first hand experience. Here's why Studii would be great for you:

  • Reliable and Secure Platform.
  • Easily search and find tutors that suit your needs.
  • Tutors charge in varying price ranges so no need to break your wallet.
  • Reviews help you know your tutor before you see them. View their profile and get all the details you need.

Become a Studii Tutor.

They say that teaching is the best way to learn. At Studii, we want students to leverage their academic successes into something that not only helps themselves, but enhances the learning of others. By being a campus tutor, you set your own hours, charge your own rates and run your own service. Take this opportunity to build a brand around the courses you're already amazing at.

  • Build a profile detailing why you're the go-to superstar tutor.
  • Have flexible working hours and teach according to your schedule.
  • Charge rates that reflect your skill. Or go FREE if you're feeling generous.

How Studii Works.

We've made finding a campus tutor simple.

Connect with local students.

Browse a detailed list of campus students who all specialize in something you might need help with.

Exchange Contact Details.

Once you found the right one, request a booking. Your contact information is exchanged.

Go Studii!

Set up a meeting time with your tutor and get the help you need. Don't forget to leave a review if they were helpful!

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